Throwing a temper tantrum

I have seen many individuals, including some extended family members, say that “the American people voted for Trump so why protest. Let it be.” If we had let it be…women would still be treated as mindless property. Slavery and segregation would still exist. People would be hiding instead of embracing the way they were made.

The world would not have seen the apartheid end, the holocaust would have eradicated the Jewish people, India would not have gained independence. WE WOULD NOT BE LIVING OUR LIVES WITH ALL THE COMFORTS, RIGHTS, and FREEDOMS WE HAVE AS CANADIANS!!Changes in the world have occurred when people stand up against the wrongs. It is not about “throwing a temper tantrum”. It is about making the elected aware that every action that they are planning on taking, that could effect a persons rights and freedoms, will be scrutinized. That they better think twice before they make any changes. It is about making the world leaders aware that there is a significant voice that will stand up against wrongs.

It is unfortunate, that even though we yell at the top of our lungs about the injustices out there, sometimes nothing changes. We cry out for the Children of Syria, the children of Sudan, and even the First Nations children here in Canada. I believe though that a small rumble will become big and the future will be bright as we work to jump over the hurdles.

As Helen Keller said “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”…/womens-ma…/article33696482/

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