Set it and forget it Slow Cooker Chili with a Secret! You Can Make It Vegetarian Too!

With work, kids sports, and other responsibilities you don’t always have time to cook extravagant meals during the week. I love making this Chili recipe because you throw in everything you want and turn on the slow cooker. When you get back in the evening it’s ready to be consumed in a bread bowl, or with garlic bread!! You can add a number of different types of peppers and adjust the mirchi level according to your taste buds! When you are in a hurry you can use pre-packaged chili mix, just make sure you choose the one with less sodium! And here is this Mirchs secret…ADD A TEASPOON OF COCOA CHILI POWDER BLEND!!! Yes, this Spicy Mirch just told you to add chocolate to your Chili. I have not lost my mind, trust me! This Chili is so yummy you will want it for lunch the next day!!

****VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN ALERT****Now for those of you who are vegetarians or vegans, you can make this meat rich dish into one that meets your needs. Swap out the beef with SOY SUBSITUTE (usually comes in a crumble variety such as Yves Veggie Ground Round), and add PINTO BEANS and BLACK BEANS. If you don’t want the soy substitute then leave it and just focus on the fibre and protein rich beans. The steps are pretty much the same. You will only need to heat up the ground with the onions and garlic before transferring it into the slow cooker!!


1LB Extra Lean Ground Beef (Replace with Veggie Round to make it Vegetarian/Vegan)

1LB Extra Lean Ground Pork (Replace with Pinto Beans and Black Beans to make it Vegetarian/Vegan)

2 packets low sodium Chili seasoning (or you can make your own with paprika, cayenne, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, thyme, and oregano)

1tsp Cocoa Chili Blend (I like using McCormick’s)

1 can (398ml) diced tomatoes with green chili

1 can (398ml) crushed tomatoes

1 large onion chopped finely

1 tsp chopped garlic

I medium green pepper

4 to 5 white mushrooms

1 cup of frozen or canned corn

1 Can (398ml) Dark Red Kidney Beans (You may use dried kidney beans but make sure that you soak it in cold water for at least 8 hours)


  1. In a pan sauté the onions and garlic till onions are translucent
  2. Add the ground beef and pork and cook till half way cooked
  3. Transfer into slow cooker
  4. Add the Chili Seasoning, Cocoa Chili Blend, diced tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, and corn
  5. In a food processor pulse the green pepper till fine and add to slow cooker
  6. In a food processor add the mushrooms and pulse till fine

**The kids won’t see the green pepper and mushrooms and will be more likely to enjoy it!!**

  1. Rinse and add the kidney beans
  2. Cook on low for 7 to 8 hrs or high for 4hrs.

  1. Go to work…or take the day off and go pamper yourself! You deserve it!
  2. When you get home take a taste and adjust the spice level by adding chopped serrano peppers, spicy red chili powder, or top off with pickled jalapenos.
  3. Serve with shredded cheese (My Mirch’s love the TEX-MEX Blend) and a dollop of Sour Cream.
  4. Enjoy in a bread bowl or as my little mirch’s like with a side of garlic bread.

Time to pack everyone’s lunches for another long day tomorrow…Life’s a Mirch!

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