Husband makes the best breakfasts

Husband to D – “Do you know what an English Muffin is?” D – “Yeah dad. It’s a Muffin that is from England.” To make your eggs benedict Mirch style, all you have to do is add a pinch or two of curry powder while whisking the hollandaise. After topping your eggs with the hollandaise…

Throwing a temper tantrum

I have seen many individuals, including some extended family members, say that “the American people voted for Trump so why protest. Let it be.” If we had let it be…women would still be treated as mindless property. Slavery and segregation would still exist. People would be hiding instead of embracing the way they were made….

Filling and fast over rice!

Who says you can’t cheat when your cooking. An easy beef stirfry with orange-ginger sauce from a jar. On a busy day filled with work, school, and the little Mirch’s after school sports it’s perfect. Filling and fast over rice!

Baby mirch

This picture looks perfect doesn’t it? It shows a perfect moment between father and son making breakfast. IT’S A LIE!!! Mere moments ago baby mirch was throwing a tantrum. He did not want to eat quiche. He screamed, cried, threw himself on the ground to show his frustration. He wanted his way. This picture shows…